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Monterey Bay sport fisherman with two King Salmon. Circa. 1890
"Monterey Women" artist unknowm. Circa 1792
Chinese fisherrmen, Point Alones, Pacific Groce. Circa 1875
Two Japanese fishermen, near Monterey Wharf. Circa 1909
The big catch! Caught off  the Monterey Breakwater, 1948
Whaling on the bay. Circa, 1905
"Squid Mountain" Tarpy Flats, Monterey. Circa 1930
Fish & Game, tagging sardines in Monterey Bay. Circa, 1938
Fish & Game biologist, JB Phillips with a giant squid. Circa, 1930
Removing the liver from a basking shark, Moss Landng. Circa, 1948
How did this bottle help in the development of  the Monterey sardine industry, and at the same time keep the fishermen happy?  
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No tours September 18, 19, 24 & October, 3&4
Tim Thomas, featured in the PBS/BBC programs, Big Blue Live and It's Okay to be Smart. Also, recently featured on C-Span, American History TV
All tours are now $25.00 per-person--A bargain for so much history! 
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Due to medical issues, I will not be offering any tours until after the first of the new year, 2018. I apologize for the inconvenience. 
Tim Thomas