I Cover the Waterfront! 
Monterey Waterfront & Cannery Row Tours 

What was it like to work in the canneries? Come along on a Monterey Waterfront/Cannery Row tour and find out. Call: 831.521.3304 or Email: timsardine@yahoo.com 
Workers at the Carmel Cannery. Note the newspaper aprons. Circa, 1915
Inside an abalone cannery, Monterey Wharf, Circa, 1938
After the last can of sardines is put up. Cal-Pac Cannery. Circa, 1935
Cannery worker time card. Circa 1936
The boiler man, Hovdens Cannery, Circa 1935
Canning sardines! These ladies were making 22 cents for every 16 cans they putup! Circa, 1938
Look closely at this 1936 Hovden Cannery time card.  Why does the 8 in the final box look faded? Also, note the worker was paid $19.21 for a 40 hour week! Or was it? 
All Tours Just $25.00!!!!!
831.521.3304     email: timsardine@yahoo.com
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Monterey sardines were first introduced to the world at the 1915, World Fair, the Panama Pacific,  in San Francisco. This Booth’s Cannery Business card is from that fair.