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The Abalone Song 
By George Sterling (and others) as written in "Pop" Ernest's guest book

Oh! some folks boast of quail and toast,
Because they think it's tony;
But I'm content to owe my rent
And live on abalone.

Oh! Mission Point's a friendly joint,
Where every crab's a crony;
And true and kind you'll ever find
The clinging abalone.

He wanders free beside the sea
Where'er the coast is stony;
He flaps his wings and madly sings —
The plaintive abalone.

By Carmel Bay, the people say
We feed the lazzaroni
On Boston beans and fresh sardines
And toothsome abalone.

Some live on hope, some live on dope,
And some on alimony;
But my tom-cat, he lives on fat
And tender abalone.

Oh! some drink rain, and some champagne,
Or brandy by the pony;
But I will try a little rye
With a dash of abalone.

Oh! some like jam, and some like ham,
And some like macaroni;
But bring to me a pail of gin
And a tub of abalone.

He hides in caves beneath the waves,
His ancient patrimony;
And so 'tis shown that faith alone
Reveals the abalone.

The more we take, the more they make
In deep sea matrimony;
Race suicide cannot betide
The fertile abalone.

I telegraph my better half
By Morse or by Marconi;
But if the need arise for speed,
I send an Abalone.

Oh, some folks think the Lord is fat,
Some think that He is bony;
But as for me, I think that He
Is like an abalone.

He wanders free beside the sea,
Where e'er the coast is stony;
He flaps his wings and madly sings–
The plaintive abalone.

By Carmel Bay, the people say,
We feed the lazzaroni
On Boston beans and fresh sardines,
And toothsome abalone. 

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Menu for "Pop" Ernest's restaurant. The artwork was done by noted artists, Jo Mora amd Armin Hansen for free abalone dinners. Circa 1930
"Pop" Ernest Doelter, The Abalone King, on the porch of his restaurant at the Monterey Wharf. Circa 1930
Page with "abalone songs" from "Pop's" guest book. Circa 1913
"Pop" with abalone shells. Circa1930
"Pop's" abalone boat, The Pop Ernest. Circa 1930
Pop's was the first restaurant on the Monterey Wharf, opening in 1919. Photo circa 1935
Hear abalone diver Roy Hattori talk about "Pop" Ernest and diving abalone in Monterey Bay
Abalone diver Roy Hattori descending into the Monterey Bay circa 1938
 Roy in his 'dive underwear."
To Mimi
Beauty Dear and Brief! So beautiful you are!

I think of lilies and their fragrant souls, of foam and sunset where the ocean rolls,

Of morning and of evening star: you borrow from the loveliness of each

Leaving me poor of speech. Fairer you are than those -More fair than any flower the twilights view.

Surely such eyes as yours have wept the dew Hid in the bosom of the rose.

And your young mouth seems sharpen not for grief, O beauty dear and brief!

You cannot know your heart, And that wild music youth's Adventure brings

Shall close within your breast its unseen wings.
How soon the youth and strains depart!

How soon the arms of Silence clasp the tune,
And loveliness, how soon!

George Sterling

This newly discovered poem from George Sterling, was written and gifted to "Pop" Ernest's then 16 year old daughter, Mimi circa, 1910
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